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CPB Muff War

CPB Muff War

SKU: 0011

Custom Pedal Boards Muff War. Classic Russian Civil War Muff recreated in a mini pedal enclosure.

As the name implies, the Muff War is a Big Muff, based on those elusive early 90s Civil War Sovtek Big Muffs. It’s got huge ballsy character, with lots of low end and silky smooth gain. It really captures that classic and much sought after tone, you won’t find a better sounding Big Muff mini pedal on the market today.

Sounds great when combined with other gain pedals such as the CPB Mustard Drive, Mini Driver, Mr Squeezy and Big Up.

Mini pedals are a great space saver, especially on loop switcher boards!

Thick creamy muffage!

Top Tip - Get more volume and/or gain by cascading with other gain and boost pedals, such as the CPB Big Up, Mini Driver, Mr Squeezy or Mustard Drive

All CPB pedals and signal solutions are handmade in the UK using high quality components, care and love.

Boutique pedals with out the boutique price tag!

Aluminium enclosure

Neutrik jack sockets

Black Anodized Aluminium Knobs

High Quality 2 layer PCB with Panasonic and TDK caps

Status LED

True bypass 3PDT heavy duty footswitch

2.1mm 9v DC Socket @ 4mA

RoHS compliant