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  • What equipment do I need to receive Zoom Lessons
    Common Question: 1. Guitar 2. Laptop,tablet or Desktop 3. Internet connection with a minimum speed of 5 mbs 4. Webcam with built in mic (if not already built into your setup) 5. And the most important thing, YOU
  • What Ages and Abilities Do You Teach
    Any and All is the honest answer, as long as the student wants to learn then were happy to help you reach your goals or help you figure them out and then get there
  • How do I receive the digital download course once purchased
    you will receive an email within 24 hours that will contain the download link for all of the files from the course. you can then save these files on your device or on any digital storage device
  • What If I'm Not Happy with My Tuition
    We would give you a full refund no questions asked
  • What Makes Cunliffe's Music So Awesome
    That's quite simple We love everything Guitar from Teaching, Performing, New Gear. we are so excited by what the Guitar offers to both musicians and listeners alike that we decided that we would make a business from our passion and aim to help all aspiring and experienced guitarists get the best help and advice we can offer on the whole topic of Guitar. Its that enthusiasm that comes across when you deal with us that keeps people coming back and recommending us to there friends.
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