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Meet The Team

Zoom Guitar Lessons North Wales

Lee Cunliffe

Head Of Guitar

Im Obsessed with guitar,,,playing, teaching, watching, learning.

I also like coffee too

Acoustic Guitar Lessons

Matt Marriott

Specialist Acoustic Tutor

I'm an acoustic wizard,,,,, I love to teach, perform and did i mention I'm an acoustic wizard

Studio Manager

Paula Cunliffe

Studio Manager

I do everything here apart from teaching music. It's a tough job and no one else will do it.

Drum Lessons
Vocal Lessons

Paige Lorenz

George Addison-Atkinson

Briana Lyn

Piano Tutor

I teach the real musicians here, and when i'm not teaching I love to bake a good cake

Drum Tutor

When i'm not teaching I can be found making sure everyone else is in time on stage

Vocal Coach

I love teaching and performing and in my spare time I have been known to do my Dolly Parton Singalike Trick

Piano Lessons
Bass Lessons North Wales


Bass Tutor

Im the man with the grooves keeping this place funky & when im not holding a bass im usually asleep 

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