Online Guitar Lessons

For those of you who aren't comfortable with computers, even considering online lessons can be challenging but here's some basics to help reassure you that you can completely do it and all without a computer science degree.

If you imagine that your laptop, desktop or even tablet is your teacher then ensure your space for learning Guitar online is as it would be if a tutor was coming to your home, so not around distractions or noise if possible.

secondly the basic set up to receive online lessons is simple

  1. Laptop or Tablet - Desktop with Web Cam (not all three)

  2. Internet access

  3. an email account (which most people have)

  4. your instrument of choice and that's it

Online guitar lessons are so simple for both learners and teachers that you can even study degree's online and with what's happening across the world right now virtual and online learning is set to stay but its nothing to fear and if you get stuck then your tutor would most likely be more than willing to help guide you on the setup. i know i do for all of my online students when needed

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